Other Services include:

Custom Garments

In order to accommodate the demand of our diverse range of customers PANSULA WORKWEAR has adapted its service offering in the work wear department. It is now possible to custom your safety work wear according to the criteria that you specify. T&C apply.

Garment Aftercare

Apart from ensuring quality work wear safety products, PANSULA WORKWEAR goes the extra mile by offering a number of after sales services including: work wear, protective clothing consultation and training.

Product Consulting

PANSULA WORKWEAR offer pre-sales advice on our range of work wear, personal protective clothing and safety products in order to accurately determine the safety hazards and safety risks your company faces.

The aim of the company is to improve the safety and sufficient protection for your employees. PANSULA WORKWEAR believes that work wear and personal protective clothing is your last line of defense against injury in the workplace.

“Our Conti Suit is  Built Tough”

Our amenable sales consultants are readily available to assist you in your choice of safety work wear clothing. They are specialists in the PANSULA WORKWEAR range of work wear, personal protective clothing and they will simplify your decision making process and save you time.