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D59 Flame And Acid Retardant Dust Coat Overall

  • D59 flame-retardant and acid-resistant dust coat
  • 100% cotton SABS fabric
  • Durable garment
  • Fabric is treated with an acid-resistant finish
Fabric: SABS 1423-1/1987, BS EN 531, BS EN 533 and BS EN 470 compliant.

D59 Conti Trouser

  • D59 conti trousers
  • Normal fabric
  • Plain trousers
Available in Various Colors on Request

D59 Flame Acid Retardant Conti Trousers

  • D59 conti trousers
  • Flame and acid retardant
  • 100% cotton
Manufactured In South Africa Available in Various Colours on Request