How our Garments are Made

1. Product Development and Design.

We have a team of experts that are continuously working on improving and increasing our product range. We are skilled and equipped to design and produce a wide variety of styles.

2. Production Preparation.

Once we have the cutsheet issued the team will start preparing the requirements to manufacture the order. From assembling the production line to cutting the fabric and picking the trims. This is the most critical step of production as this is where the clocks starts ticking.

3. Make, Trim and Pack.

The garment is now on the production line. The line is split into 3 groups; (i.e: Preparation, Assembly, Finishing). We are now at the core process of any Manufacturing firm as direct costs are now in play. The garment is then sent for final clean and touch up before it can get packed and ready for despatch .

4. Final Product.

Hooray! Our product has now passed through the quality checkpoints and have been packaged as per customer requirement. Crisp packed bags are then sent to warehouse for shipping purposes. The team now is on the

Experts in clothing manufacturing with a large factory full of equipment and dedicated staff, we carefully & meticulously manufacture approved top-quality health & medical wear.

From small businesses in need of uniforms, to large companies needing a supply in bulk, we can handle all your orders.

Specialized garments can be made upon request.

Below is a short video to brief you on the process.



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